June 1, 1922




Simpson County News:
   When we came to this state about 20 years ago we were prejudiced against Vardaman, but as we found some of the very best of men for him, we began to investigate the political situation in Mississippi. We found the ring politics in the state solidly against him, we also found against him every man or corporation that was trying to evade taxes or was looking for a legalized plan to steal something from somebody. When we began to seek a reason for this antagonism we soon found that Vardaman was in politics not in the interest of the almighty dollar but for the people. We found that he was absolutely true to the best interests of the people and couldn't be bulled nor intimidated. He cleaned the crooks out of the penitentiary and put that institution for the State instead of the grafter's. He made the Railroads obey the law. When he went to the Senate he refused to obey the orders of our Tory President and thereby incurred his hatred, but he stood squarely upon the Democratic platform and by the people. In our estimation he is the greatest man this state has ever produced. Whenever Vardaman voted with the Republicans, he voted with Republicans not dominated by Wall Street. All the Democrats and Republicans who wore the Wall Street collar voted the other way invariably.


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