"Woman Suffrage is right. The influence of woman at the ballot box is the only thing which will save this world from Hell. It is coming."

-Vardaman's Weekly, June 12, 1919


"...the condition in East India is really very alarming. The influence of the man Gandhi is nothing short of marvelous."

-Vardaman's Weekly, February 2, 1922


"Our Anglo-Saxon brethren of the British Isles are just now pestered with the growlings of discontent heard in India, Egypt, and Ireland. ...Thank God for the discontent. Let the world be free."

-Vardaman's Weekly, June 19, 1919


[Vardaman] first reminded the people that they were the source of all power, and if they are badly served, or if their wishes were not carried out in governmental policies, they had themselves alone to blame.

-Campaign speech as quoted in The Issue, March 3, 1911 


   "It shall be my highest endeavor to arouse, particularly the people of Mississippi to the importance of doing their own thinking, speaking their honest thoughts and then making their ballots register a patriotic freeman's will."

-Vardaman's Weekly, April 24, 1919


   "The saloon in the capitol ought to be closed. I would not undertake to prescribe any man's diet, or interfere with his personal rights, but I do not believe any part of the capitol ought to be a saloon.

   "...it might promote sobriety in the hands of congress and we would have less defective liquor soaked laws."

-The Issue, May 14, 1910


   "It's a shame that every damnable, nefarious scheme proposed to Congress must be made in the name of patriotism accompanied by the flaunting of the American flag."

-Vardaman's Weekly, June 19, 1919