July 13, 1922  Page 6



Submitted by D.J. Melton from TX

The poem "Vardaman" was written by Virginia McGraw Stewart, widow of
Confederate soldier Robert Cason Stewart of Winston Co, MS.  Situated in
SE Winston County, Fearn Springs was originally known as Winstonville,
and was later known as Skillet or Lick Skillet due to a comment made by
one traveler to another about whether there was any food left to eat
there.  (As you can imagine, Handle is not terribly far away.)

Robert Cason Stewart, who was listed in the 1850 Winston Co Census and
on the 1860 for Noxubee Co, fell at the Battle of Murfreesboro, after
which his widow taught school.

She published a book of poems, which my aunt would dearly love to find
and copy.  We are descended from Robert Cason Stewart's sister Azalean.