June 8, 1922


A Review of Some of the Important Things
the "People's Senator" has Accomplished
for the People of Mississippi

Senator Vardaman has a Magnificent Record in the Performance
of his Duties as a United States Senator

     "Not by the Words of Prejudiced Witnesses, Either Friends or Foe, but by his Acts 'Shall Ye Judge Him.' "

     Who among the Mississippi members in Congress forced the Senate caucus to levy an adequate tax on swollen fortunes, in 1915 and 1916? Vardaman!

    Who put through the Senate Flood Control Bill, carrying forty-five million dollars to build levees and revet along the banks of the Mississippi river, running at great length through the Delta lands of Mississippi; the most important piece of inland constructive legislation that has been put through Congress almost in the memory of man; legislation that will save lands and lives, crops and cattle for an hundred years or more?   Vardaman!

    Who, when the representative of the sixth district shook hands with himself for getting through the lower house an appropriation of $30,000 for the Pascagoula Harbor, raised that appropriation to $80,000 in the Senate, so that it would count for something?   Vardaman!

    Who nursed the bill and got through an appropriation for money to be spent on the banks of the river and stop their caving in at Vicksburg?   Vardaman !

    Who secured the passage of the bill providing for the expenditure of $75,000 for a government exhibit at the then proposed Mississippi Centennial Celebration?   Vardaman!

     Who got through the appropriation for the extermination of the boll weevil and money to be spent by the government for the sweet potato weevil in Mississippi?   Vardaman!

    Who secured the appropriation of the $150,000 for the Reunion of the Blue and the Gray at Vicksburg?   Vardaman!

    When the government engineers had reported adversely on the Gulfport Harbor, to whom did the Committee from that little city come in tearful distress and call for help?   Vardaman!

    And who helped them? Vardaman!

   And whom did they criticise for not knowing how and not having any pull, and not bring able to deliver the goods?   NOT Vardaman !

    For forty-five years claims had been presented by mail carriers in the Southern states in the early sixties for services honestly rendered, humble men they were and their individual claims were small, so small that all these years nobody had time or would take time to attend to them. Very small claims and very small claimants they were;--Who, almost single handed and alone, by unyielding, persistent effort, secured an appropriation of $196,090 to pay to them the just debt the government owed them?   Vardaman!

   Who succeeded in putting in the item of $150,000 in the Choctaw Indian Bill?   Vardaman!

    It is true, the amount was cut, in the House, but there was no Vardaman there.


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