August 19, 1920



Woman Suffrage.
   At last a Southern legislature has done its duty to God, humanity and to the government--the Tennessee Legislature has passed the Suffrage Amendment.
   The influence of woman in politics is going to be salutary. Their pure morals, unerring intuition and devotion to the right will necessarily improve our laws both spiritually and in the matter of vouchsafing equal rights to all and special privileges to none. The nation will give a vote of thanks to the Tennessee legislature for their wise and righteous act.
   There are a few pin-headed politicians and prejudice, beclouded intellects in the South that oppose woman suffrage, and, of course, they will be disappointed in what the legislature of Tennessee has done, but time and trial will dispel the cloud that obfuscates their mentality and in a very few years there will be no difference of opinion as to the wisdom of the act.
  While expediency in dealing with a great problem is always pusilanamously contemptible in my estimation, still it is perfectly legitimate that this act of the Tennessee legislature should be used to the advantage of the democratic nominee for president. But whatever party may be benefitted by it, the fact still remains that the whole world will be made better by conferring this supreme privilege upon women.

"You may talk about a woman's sphere As though it had a limit,
There is not a place in earth or heaven There is not a task to mankind given, There is not a blessing or a woe
There is not a whisper, yes or no
There is not a life, or death or birth
That has a feather's weight of worth
Without a woman in it."


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