Vol. 3                                              January 20, 1911                                                 No. 48




   The esteemed Oxford Eagle has the following to say regarding the senatorial contest In Mississippi:
   "In a short time the campaign for United States senator will begin in earnest. Mr. Alexander is already in the field and while Mr. Percy is still in Washington he is expected to begin an active canvass soon. Gov. Vardaman is yet attending to his lectures but will open active work in the next few weeks.
   This campaign is without question the most interesting in the history of the state, at least since the war. It not only involves the personal merits of the various candidates but there is in addition the question of the action of the recent legislature to settle along with this race. And, after all this question will largely be the main topic in the campaign. Fortunately for Gov. Vardaman he has nothing to answer for; the rottenness of this caucus must be answered by those who were active participants and were responsible for it.
   Gov. Vardaman starts out with a great lead; he has been in the public eye long enough that every citizen in this state is satisfied that he is clean in his life, both private and political, that he is worthy and able, and the fact that he gave to the state one of the most able administrations in our entire history speaks a message in his behalf that, every citizen realizes and appreciates. There is a class of politicians and personal enemies of Gov. Vardaman that are always hounding him, but the great mass of the people know them and why they dislike him. You ask any anti-Vardaman man why he opposes the ex-governor and nine times out of ten he cannot give a single good reason. No one can bring anything dishonorable about his private life; his public life has been so able and clean that the best and ablest administrations of the state do not surpass it, and very few if any equal it and there is no good answer that we have ever heard why James K. Vardaman should not be elected to the United States Senate.
   Had Messrs. Percy and Alexander...

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