Vol. 4                                            June 23, 1911                                                 No. 18


Vardaman, Oh Vardaman!
   The following lines, which are appropriate in the present campaign, were written and recited by Hon. Luther Manship when Mr. Vardaman was a candidate for Governor:

   "What is this rumbling sound we hear?
        Vardaman, oh Vardaman!
   To one who knows, it doth appear,
        That ere these summer days are done,
   A mighty victory will be won.
       Mississippi calls her gifted son,
   Vardaman, oh Vardaman!
   Lo! for thine arm is young and strong,
   Thou sing'st a new, but magic song,
   They cannot Stand against thee long;
        And all they say to do thee wrong,
   Tends but to help thy cause along.
   From pulpit, bar; front field and store,
        We hear them calling ever more,
   Vardaman, oh Vardaman!
   They want a man that they can trust,
        One that is fair and square and just,
   A mail that will do right or bust,
       Is Vardaman, Jim Vardaman!"

*    *    *    *

Jake Ehrman For Trustee
    Of the Penitentiary.

IN this number of The Issue will be found the announcement of Hon. Jake Ehrman, of Jackson, Mississippi, as a candidate for Trustee of the Penitentiary, from the Middle or First District.
   If the people of Mississippi want a first-class Trustee for the penitentiary, they can get one in Jake Ehrman. He is a, honest, straight forward and clean in his life as light; true to every sense of right, and the most loyal and devoted friend that ever lived. As It Democrat, he is without variableness or shadow of turning, public-spirited intelligent--in a word, he possesses all the qualifications for the office of Trustee of the penitentiary.
   That lie will receive the most flattering vote at the polls in August, no one who knows him doubts.

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