January 19, 1922



Ireland Free.
   A dispatch from Ireland announces the fact that Dublin Castle is now occupied for the first time in many centuries, by the Irish Government. The treaty has been ratified and Ireland is free. This is a consummation that I have devoutly looked and prayed for for a long time.
   The Irish people have an opportunity to build up a government for themselves, and I trust that this opportunity may be embraced. Mike Collins and Griffith deserve a great deal for the fight they have made and won. I look with great pity and commiseration upon de Valera. He is evidently, a very fine man and I am sure inspired by a noble purpose. He loves Ireland as MacSwiney loved Ireland, and I am confident he thinks he is doing right. But I differ from his judgment, and I congratulate the Irish people upon this most delightful consummation.

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A Beautiful Book.
   Looking through some old books in my library a few days ago, I came across Henry Watterson's "Compromises of Life." I have not seen this book since about 1890. It is a very interesting work, full of beautiful thoughts and sound principles. In the chapter on "The Ideal in Public Life" the following truth is uttered:
    "When the Church is social worth,
    When the State-house is the hearth,
    Then the perfect State is come,
    The Republican at home!"


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