September 9, 1920


Horrible to Contemplate

   The situation in Ireland is growing more desperate every day. The mayor of Cork who offers himself as a sacrifice to Ireland independence, is as much a martyr for the right as Bruno was who gave his body to the flame rather than betray the truth.
   It will not be long before the moral sense of the civilized world will revolt at Britain's brutal treatment of, Ireland and that great nation of robbers and plunderers will be compelled to treat its subjects more justly.
   King George realizes the enormity the wrong that is being done Ireland and express the wish that President Wilson would request the relief of the mayor of Cork. The king says he is "helpless." Of course he is helpless. He has very little authority in the country in which he is the titular king. And Woodrow Wilson has no sympathy whatever with Ireland. Wilson is an autocrat of the first order and if he had the power to grant MacSweney a full pardon he would not do it.
   The cruelty and greed of the world is one of the alarming signs of the times.


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