Vol. 3                                       February 19, 1910    Page 14                                           No. 1 




(Vicksburg Post.)

   Vardaman's stout heart his undaunted courage and unfailing fortitude have been invaluable to him in the fight that he is waging against "money and brains" and a very strong combination of office seekers an shrewd politicians. The fact that a vast majority of the people of Mississippi are in full sympathy with Vardaman has nerved his heart and soul to continue the battle unto the end. Vardaman has been and still is the champion of a high standard of politics; he is opposed to secrecy and dark-lantern methods; he is opposed to combinations, trickery: and schemes and therefore he has won the admiration of former enemies and holds his friends more steadfast then ever before, if that be possible.
   We believe the following excellent poem by Ernest Platek will apply to Vardaman in these days of political warfare and may serve to encourage him to continue the good fight and keep the faith:


The Red Blood of Courage.

However the day's work blights me,
      And I Welcome the setting sun,
There is something still that lights me-
   The knowledge of duty done!

However a night dream fires me,
     With vision that fate at dawn
The next sunburst inspires me
     To battle my way straight on!

However the swift out-run me,
   They shall faint ere I am spent,
The strong  have never outdone me
   When forth to the race we went.

However the years defeat me
   And batter m y goal-marks down,
I know Fate never can cheat me
   Of ultimate palm and crown!


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