Piece by Clayton Rand - Date Unknown

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Clayton Rand was born in Wisconsin and moved to Mississippi at the age of seven.  He graduated from Mississippi A&M College (now Mississippi State University) in 1911 and from Harvard in 1913, later attending Harvard Law School.  In 1919 he bought the Neshoba Democrat in Philadelphia, Mississippi and developed it into one of the outstanding weekly publications in the South.  Later he established two other newspapers, the DeKalb Democrat and Tunica Times, both in Mississippi.  Until his death in 1971 he owned and operated the Dixie Press in Gulfport Mississippi. In 1925-26 he was president of the Mississippi Press Association and in 1930 he became a director of the National Editorial Association, later becoming president in 1936.  He was the winner of two national editorial awards and wrote a column "Crossroads Scribe" for a large group of newspapers, including the Chicago Daily News, Tulsa World, New Orleans Times-Picyaune, Philadelphia Bulletin and Cincinnati Enquirer. Clayton Rand wrote "Ink on My Hands" and "Sons of the South" as well as other books.