Editor's note: This article does indeed sound strange on the surface. However, Governor Vardaman did intervene to stop a lynching on numerous occasions in the name of "law and order." Obviously the word got around in the black community. In 1907 there likely weren't many crackers that would go out of his way to save a black man but James K. Vardaman was one of them.

This clipping comes from the Mississippi Archives



    The negroes seem to be taking some interest in the senatorial race and strange to say a good portion of them are for Governor Vardaman for United States Senator. The Peoples Relief, a colored paper printed at Brookhaven which has for its motto: "Equal Rights to All, Special Favors to None," in its issue of June 22, prints the following editorial endorsement of the governor's candidacy for the senate:
    "Everybody should vote for Governor James K. Vardaman for senator, he is the man.
   "Mr. Vardaman has done more to help the race as far as law and order is concerned than any other governor. Let everybody both white and colored vote for him for senator. Everybody knows how he has tried to save the negroes, according to law." --Jackson Evening News (July 1, 1907).


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