From the scrapbook of Mrs. Mary Dinkins

Both clippings appear to be from the Greenwood Enterprise Sept. 28, 1917




   Though his opponents have already opened their campaign, one of teem leaving his post at Washington and coming to Mississippi to address the voters on several occasions, ant his political enemies have hurled all kind of calumny at him Senator Vardaman has remained at his post of duty in Washington and will remain there so long as Congress eemains in session. In response to an inquiry as to when he expected to make a speech in Mississippi Senator Vardaman said "I do not know when I will go home. Certainly not until Congress adjourns"


   Congressman Pat Harrison is carrying the rue message of Americanism, of democracy and Patriotism, to the people wherever he speaks in the state. If the democrats of Mississippi are the kind of Democrats we believe them to be, they will support the Americanism of this able young stateman --Greenville Democrat.
   If Senator Vardaman were Pat Harrison's age and had voted to send your boy, husband and brothers across the ocean to fight in a foreign land he would not be speech making in Mississippi but he would be with the boys in France. That is the difference between Vardaman's Americanism and Pat Harrison's Americanism. Harrison is only 38 and a man of fine physical physique. The army has called and is calling for able bodied men between the ages of 18 and 45 [but] "Pat" prefers to stay and home and tell the other fellow to go. With Vardaman it was always "Come on boys" and never "Go on boys." As it is while Harrison is down speaking over the state away from his post of duty at Washington, Senator Vardaman has remained close at official desk and never deserted it for a moment to fu[r]ther his personal or political interest.
Choose you the kind of Americanism you prefer.


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