June 19, 1919


The People Are Waking Up.
THE people of Mississippi are just beginning to rouse themselves from the stupor caused by the shock dealt them by Wilson's unwarranted prostitution of the Federal executive functions in interfering with State elections. They see the danger to free government; and the threatened invasion of the rights of citizenship, and they are going to resent it the first time they have an opportunity at the polls.
   In the name of patriotism, the Constitution has been violated and. the sovereign rights of the States infringed and free white Americans are not going to stand it.
   Let every white man in Mississippi do his own thinking and after he has thought, dare to express your thoughts, and act your thoughts. The situation calls for courage, honesty. and candor in the performance of your duty as free-born American white men.
   Don't forget that all of the just powers of government are still derived from your consent.
   It's your government. You support it with your labor, your strong arm fights its battles, and you have a right to rule it. Now do it, do it boldly, do it like men.


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