June 19, 1919


A Slander of the Man Who Toils.

   THE demonstration in Washington a few days ago in the interest of liquor
was not creditable to the demonstrators. [Samuel] Gompers' statement, made with an American flag in his hand, that the laborer must have beer and wine or we will have discord, is an insult to and a slander against the man of America who toils. It's a shame that every damnable, nefarious scheme proposed to Congress must be made in the name of patriotism accompanied by the flaunting of the American flag.
   It's a profanation, and should not be tolerated. If Wilson did not favor the liquor business and sympathize with the efforts of the brewers, some sparrow-headed Congressional flunkey would propose a law making the unfurling of the American flag on such an occasion as that a high crime and misdemeanor.
   Congress dare not do the President's  bidding this time on the liquor traffic. It will put the little echoes in an uncomfortable situation, but self-interest will cause them to do the decent thing. Some of them have no convictions or moral sense; it's just a lively interest in the job. That's all.

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