March 25, 1920


The Irish President Coming.
    Honorable Eamon de Valera President of the Irish Republic will speak at Jackson on April 19th. I hope the people of Jackson and the surrounding country may extend to this patriot a warm and cordial welcome. He is engaged in a noble work for the freedom of humanity. England has no more right to hold Ireland in subjection than the Unites States would have to go down and take over Mexico and reduce its citizens to a condition of vassalage.
   No man who believes in freedom of speech, freedom of action and the right to the products of ones' toil can oppose the Irish cause.

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Newberry Convicted.
   SENATOR TRUMAN H. NEWBERRY of Michigan has been convicted of election frauds and fined $10,000 and two years in the Leavenworth Penitentiary. Whether it was the result of an awakening of the public conscience or the use of Ford's money that accomplished the conviction, I will not say, but I hope the former. In any event, I am glad that Newberry has been convicted. Now the good work begun should be finished by the United States Senate purging itself of a rotten, criminal material.
   Mr. Newberry will surely resign and save his colleagues the disagreeable duty of voting him out. The man who buys office himself or has some one buy it for him is not fit for the place bought and should be expelled. The hireling and the flunkey are on a par. Neither is fit to represent the people.


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