House of Pain
"House of Pain"

Choctaw Trails Choctaw Trails
Occasionally on Sunday at
6:30 a.m., the HHTC runs at Mississippi College's lovely cross-country facility just south of Clinton.
We run regardless of the weather.

Click here for a map to the Trails. Older shoes are advised as the course is often muddy. Before driving down on a Sunday morning it would be best to call or email one of the members below if you want to know if others will be there.
Sample Course



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Mystery Runners


"Twende Twende!"

(A not-too-serious web site dedicated to running)




HHTC president, namesake, and patron saint of Jackson area running. He is known for his tireless devotion to running and his assistance and coaching of fellow runners.

This patriarch of running has put out more fluid for others than most runners will in a lifetime. Hank knows running like Einstein knows psychics.



Creator and developer of the HHTC concept. Makes sure his fellow members donít become scared of a little rain or cold or mud or even an occasional tornado. John knows running like Einstein knows hair styling.

Also responsible for the HHTC aviation department. John occasionally does course photos and surveys from the air. He also drops much needed supplies into remote areas.


Super Dave
(London 2002)


A former Pearl cross-country standout, Dave now joins the HHTC time permiting and when he is down to his fighting weight. He really proved he could still hack it during a News Year's Day 10K run in Hyde Park after a rough night in West London.

Most recently Dave has been bringing his own dog to join the HHTC mascot on Sunday morning runs.


Any group serious about running needs a Kenyan and the HHTC is no exception. How else could we know what the hell "twende twende" means?


"Mweda pole hajikwai, akijikwaa haanguki, akianguka haumii."





This HHTC member comes from an unlikely source as one would not expect an Ole Miss sorority party girl to be up for early morning trail running.

Rachael is known for being at the trails when she says she will be there and she has yet to turn up her nose at muddy running conditions. She is  also HHTC's chief cartographer and below is a sample of her work.

Click to see HHTC map of Maine




On his first morning at the trails Chris impressed us by running 8 miles for the first time in his life. This young man joins us on Sundays when has no time conflicts and he is not in trouble with his mother.



Her Majesty
Her Majesty
Queen of Clear Creek,
and her other realms and dominions.
Defender of the Faith



HM Christie is the best damn thing that ever has happend to the HHTC. PERIOD!

HM Christie is to be congradulated in being the first female finisher in the 2003 Mississippi Marathon with an unofficial time of 2:31:27. What a time!!!


Mississippi Marathon '04



CLINTON, Mississippi (CNN) -- Christie pulls the slack of the other HHTC members who did not participate in the 2004 Mississippi Marathon. With a finishing time of 3:17 she pulled their slack, indeed.

Photo: Wes Tankersley